Done With The Anti-Aging Products? Go For Dermal Fillers

Aging, if there is one thing we women desperately wants then it has to be able to lay our hands on something which can reverse the signs of aging from our face. Ever since the advancement of science and technology has increased, we have many options to choose from wrinkle cream to peptide rich solution. If we keep the anti-aging products aside, then we have surgical solutions too. You must be aware of Botox injections but now many women to get their lost youthfulness face back are going for the dermal fillers. Why is it so? Get to know this answer by continuing to read further.

What dermal filler actually does?

You know our face have a subcutaneous fat but since it is the most exposed organ, its start to lose the collagen which makes up this fat. This fat is responsible for the plump and volume on your face, a sign of healthy looking face that keep your face to look young and toned. However, when we lose this fat, the volume from our face to decreases that leads our face to form wrinkles and fine lines. Worst, our face starts to look saggy. You can reverse these signs by adding volume to your face and this is what dermal fillers do.

It reduces the depth of wrinkles and fine lines from your face. Like I said above fat starts to lose from our skin and dermal fillers help to fill in the places where fat cells have shifted.

What more can I get from going for the dermal fillers?

Sometimes the scars and marks from the acne stay on our face. It also affects the beauty of our face and dermal fillers can help to fill in these marks which will help you to flaunt smoother face. Since these marks will be filled with volume, the appearance of these marks and other signs of aging will get reduced that helps you to look more youthful.  Not just the signs of aging will get eliminated, your lips and cheek which used to look saggy will get lifted in appearance.

How is it different from the Botox injections?

Well, it is different on so many levels I have addressed below. Take a look,

Botox injections aren’t injected to the end of our face that doesn’t help our face to look plump whereas dermal fillers are capable of going to the surface of our skin’s face to fill it with the fat.

If Botox relaxes the muscles which have and will cause wrinkles to you, dermal fillers fill our face with the fat that helps to get back the lose plumpness from our face.

Dermal fillers doesn’t cause much pain like Botox as they involve injections but recovery period is fast.

Both of them are effective but Botox comes with extra precautions after the surgery if compared to the dermal fillers and what’s better is the results from the dermal fillers are long lasting then of Botox.